Volunteering in Retirement – One Boomer’s path to non-stop fun after working

Pat stands next to a full-sized space suit

“I get bored easily,” Pat declared.  Those were her opening words during our recent conversation about her volunteering in retirement.  Pat is an incredible woman I met at Altrusa, a women’s volunteer organization that focuses on literacy.  At one of our meetings, she commented that she was really tired.  When asked why, she said she […] more

Photo of Sharon Curry in the Community Center. Pictures of inspirational people cover the walls and her student's notebooks fill the table. Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays: An Inspirational Story of Hard Times, Hot Meals, and Hope

Happy holidays to one and all!  Hard to believe we are once again at the holiday season.  Yet, here we are.  There is snow on the ground and there’s more than a chill in the air. It has been a particularly wonderful year here at Boomer Retirement Briefs.  As 2019 comes to an end, I […] more

Photo of Marcia Mantell and Linda Hannon from Social Security and women videocast

Social Security for Women is Getting Some Attention!

Thanks to you, my new book, What’s the Deal with Social Security for Women?, is getting noticed.  Turns out, some reporters and podcasters have come calling.  They are interested in Social Security for women as a topic they want to cover.  I’ve had a number of exciting interviews to talk about the book. And, even […] more

What’s the Deal with Social Security for Women?

You’ll have to read my new book to find out! Drum roll, please. I am beyond excited to share some big news with you: my second book was just published! I am thrilled to announce What’s the Deal with Social Security for Women? is finally available for everyone who wants to know more about this incredibly […] more

Boomers and Cancer: Retirement Plans Reconsidered

  According to the American Cancer Society’s 2019 Cancer Facts and Figures, “Cancer usually develops in older people. 80% of all cancers in the United States are diagnosed in people 55 years of age or older.” That’s a disturbing statistic about Boomers and cancer. The report goes on to say, “In the US, approximately 39 […] more

Podcasts for Boomers — It’s Never Too Late To Learn Something New

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Have you found a podcast or two (or ten) that you love to listen to? Or, ones that you find recommending to your friends and family? It is quite fascinating to hear the tremendous interest so many have in listening to podcasts. The range of topics is nearly infinite, yet it can be quite overwhelming […] more

What Boomers Need and Aren’t Getting – an Interview with ThinkAdvisor

It is with great fanfare that I share this particular blog post with you.  I’ve just completed my 14th year at Mantell Retirement Consulting.  And now, it’s very exciting to be starting year 15. I had a golden opportunity to be interviewed by award-winning journalist, Jane Wollman Rusoff this spring.  We talked about some of […] more

LGBTQ Boomers: The Force Behind Gay Pride

June is Gay Pride month across the globe.  Most Pride parades and activities happen in June, with some following in July and August.  You can find events in many major cities as well as smaller Pride events in cities and towns of every shape and size. Gay Pride started 1969, the result of a serious […] more

Divorce and Retirement: 5 Financial Pitfalls to Avoid

Divorce is an emotional, financial, and draining process. Add to the mix that the tax rules for alimony payments changed after almost eight decades as of January 2019. This rocked the boat for many divorced or divorcing individuals.  For those who are dealing with divorce and retirement, it may be helpful to recognize and avoid […] more

Guest Appearance on “The Digital Scoop” Podcast

It’s not every day I’m invited to be on a podcast. In fact, it’s a whole new, exciting world. And, what fun it was! I was Angela Pitter’s guest on her new and very cool podcast, The Digital Scoop (search on Facebook for “The Digital Scoop”). Angela and I met several years ago at our […] more

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