Thinking about Retirement: Legacy & Latkes

It’s interesting how one small request can take your thinking into a completely new direction. Just this holiday season, that happened to me.  Both of my wonderful girls came home.  One from California and one from Minnesota.  We were excited to be together again for the holidays.  It had been a busy year and now […] more

Finding a trustworthy financial advisor

Most women would benefit from having a financial advisor help us with our planning for retirement.  But, only about one-third of women in the US have a financial planner or advisor.   That’s a lot of us going it alone. Advisors can help you be a better investor and get more comfortable with money topics and […] more

A Boomer’s Retirement Identity: Look to University Football Traditions

The Big 10 college conference has a storied past and, from the sound of things, an exciting future.  It is the oldest Division 1 athletic conference in the country and will reach its 120th anniversary in 2016.  To summarize: “Big Ten member institutions are predominantly major flagship research universities that have large financial endowments and […] more

Retirement is about endless possibilities: “I feel there is something else I should be doing.”

The drive from Connecticut to Madison, Wisconsin and back is about 2,400 miles.    With stops along the way, and an overnight in Toledo, Ohio, we’re talking about 40 hours of togetherness in a car.  My sister, Shelly, and I did this half-cross country trek earlier in the month.  I had to move my younger daughter […] more

What’s the Deal with Retirement Planning for Women? Hot off the press, it’s my first book!

When I was 10, my family moved from upstate New York to Harrodsburg – the birthplace of Kentucky. It was a small town in the central Bluegrass Region, right in the heart of horse country. James Harrod (a compatriot of Daniel Boone) founded the town back in 1774. It was the first permanent settlement west […] more

Plan for the party and the price tag! The Budget Planning Guide for Women

Women can plan the best parties, host terrifically fun family get-togethers and make the holidays memorable for one and all.  There is no reason to think we’ll be doing anything less in retirement. But, we need to plan for more than the party.  As we think about all that we’ll do in retirement, it’s critical […] more

What will you be doing in retirement?

Creating a structure to your days when you no longer work can be one of the more challenging parts of retirement.  It may sound fun to have no plans or to sit on the couch all day and watch TV.  But after a few weeks of total freedom, boredom often sets in. Taking the time […] more

What’s the Deal with®…Retirement Planning for Women

So, what’s the deal with retirement planning for women?  Have you been reading my book?  Thank you so much!  I hope you are getting some good information and interesting new ideas for how to think about your own retirement. I wanted you to have some materials to make the planning process go a little easier.  […] more

A Retirement Gift from Dad: Fatherly Financial Advice

Sitting in a conference, one of the speaker’s questions caused me to stop and think about money advice from my parents.  The question was, “Do you remember any of the financial advice from your parents when you were a young child?” While I had not thought of this for years, I did remember a money […] more

Retiring in California Might Just Include an RV

It is always fun to go to other parts of the country and talk to people about what they envision doing in their retirement.  In many cases, people have no idea what they will do or how they will fill their days. They are somewhat baffled when they try to think about how their days […] more

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