Headline: Overcoming “Ladies’Liabilities” in Retirement Planning

Highlighted in a June 2017 edition of Retirement Weekly, a MarketWatch premium newsletter published by Dow Jones & Co, Marcia offers advice to women about getting more involved in their finances.  Read the full article on Marcia’s Blog Boomer Retirement Briefs> more

Headline: A Hidden IRA Benefit Most Advisors Miss

Advising women to open IRAs can help them secure their retirement, save even more, and have an ownership stake in their own financial future Marcia tells ThinkAdvisor’s contributing editor, Jane Wollman Rusoff. Read the full article on ThinkAdvisor.com> more

Women Make History for Women’s Retirement Security

It wasn’t all that long ago that women who stayed home to raise their children could not save for retirement.  By law.  IRAs were originally set up to offer an additional savings option for workers.  Moms and homemakers simply weren’t considered “workers”. In a small way, I wanted to pay tribute to a few of […] more

April is National “Everything Financial” Month

Have you noticed how every month is a National “something” month, and how every day has become a national “something else” day?  The goal is a good one, bringing awareness to a broad group of people and breaking through the clutter of too much of everything.  Other times, these national <fill in the blank> days […] more

The Hidden Importance of IRAs for Married Women

I was very excited to see my first article published in the esteemed publication, Retirement Weekly, a MarketWatch premium newsletter published by Dow Jones & Co.   I have been invited to write about women’s issues around retirement, and since it’s “IRA Season”, the first article is about the hidden importance of having IRAs for married […] more

Social Security Information You Need Online: The SSA Website

This Scavenger Hunt Helps You Find the Social Security Information You Need Online The misconceptions people have around Social Security are shocking.  You can find the Social Security information you need online at Social Security Administrations website. Because there is a dizzying amount of information that you’ll need to know to make the best possible […] more

Creating a Style and Structure to Your Retirement Days

  Boomers getting ready to retire tend to fall into three distinct categories:  those who are so excited they are counting down the days, those who are terrified and dreading the mere thought of not having anywhere to go, and those who are pretending that they are not ever going to retire.  They each have […] more

Holiday Happenings In My Retirement Kitchen

All too soon the holidays were upon me this year. So much to do, so little time! With all the craziness of working on the renovations for our new house, the focus was on getting my retirement kitchen up and running in time for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas. The kids were coming home and the […] more

Headline: Advisors’ Female Clients Will Face Higher Retiree Health Costs

As an advocate for women’s retirement success, Marcia contributed to a health care costs study produced by HealthView Services.  She and HVS CEO, Ron Mastrogiovanni, presented the issues of higher health care costs to Mary Beth Franklin of InvestmentNews.  Read the article in InvestmentNews> more

Do You Know Your Retirement Income Milestones And Key Birthdays?

Birthdays are full of favorite people, presents and treats.  Everything from balloons and streamers to ice cream cake with the chocolate crunchies in the middle.  So, it can come as a shock upon reaching the glorious age of 50 that birthdays now take on a whole new meaning.  They are now important dates that include […] more

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