Shoe Shopping in Retirement? You Betcha!

Let’s face it. If there is anything women know and love, it’s our shoes. Beyond the excesses of the rich and famous with their closets full of expensive Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos, many of us “regular” gals have closets full of shoes too. One study calculated the average amount of money women spend on shoes […] more

From Fire Fighter to Ferryman: A Reinvented Retirement

I got off a recent flight to Cleveland and hopped in a cab to my hotel.  The cab driver (ferryman) was delightful, welcoming and warm, clearly loving his city.  It was easy to strike up a conversation… Turns out Jerald was from the San Francisco Bay area.  He was a fire fighter for 20 years […] more

“If only my knees worked right, my retirement would be so much better”

  Walking around the block, through the grocery store, up and down stairs is something most of us take for granted. But, Clara, who is 69 and a beautiful woman with a gorgeous hairdo, ran into trouble with a hip and a knee early in her retirement. She has difficulty walking longer distances, and sometimes […] more

Why IS Planning for Retirement Different for Women?

Every now and again I get an email out of the clear blue from someone I don’t know. After making sure it’s not spam, I take a look.  Not long ago, the editor of another website contacted me and asked me to be a guest blogger for their retirement site, Retirement & Good Living. They had […] more

Headline: In Profile with Marcia Mantell — The Women’s Market

Carolyn Ellis from Advisor Magazine interviewed Marcia after Marcia’s first book hit the market.  She explores why Marcia is a strong advocate for women’s retirement and asked Marcia to offer up her advice for women to get in the game.  Read the article on> more

California or New Orleans – How To Decide Where to Live in Retirement?

What do you do if you had two fabulous places that you could retire too? One that has glorious weather and an amazing ocean; the other steeped in rich traditions and not-so-quiet spirits.  One where your grown children live; the other where your family history lays. This begs the question: How will you decide where […] more

To Retire Successfully, Become Financially Fearless!

Helping women get more engaged in planning for the financial realities of retirement is something near and dear to my heart…and to several other advocates in the financial industry. I was honored to be invited to participate in an all-female, live webcast in mid-January with six other champions for women’s financial wellness. Here’s the brief […] more

Thinking about Retirement: Legacy & Latkes

It’s interesting how one small request can take your thinking into a completely new direction. Just this holiday season, that happened to me.  Both of my wonderful girls came home.  One from California and one from Minnesota.  We were excited to be together again for the holidays.  It had been a busy year and now […] more

Finding a trustworthy financial advisor

Most women would benefit from having a financial advisor help us with our planning for retirement.  But, only about one-third of women in the US have a financial planner or advisor.   That’s a lot of us going it alone. Advisors can help you be a better investor and get more comfortable with money topics and […] more

A Boomer’s Retirement Identity: Look to University Football Traditions

The Big 10 college conference has a storied past and, from the sound of things, an exciting future.  It is the oldest Division 1 athletic conference in the country and will reach its 120th anniversary in 2016.  To summarize: “Big Ten member institutions are predominantly major flagship research universities that have large financial endowments and […] more

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