A Reporter Asks 10 Retirement Gurus for Their New Year’s Resolutions

Like many folks, turning the calendar from the old year to the new brings high hopes for making this one a better year.  There is the promise of doing more things better and making it all worthwhile—or making changes and fresh starts.  Personally, I love the idea of the new beginning and a fresh start.  […] more

Headline: Here are 10 Retirement Resolutions (According to Experts) To Make In 2018

Janet Kidd Stewart, reporter for the Tribune News Service, talked to Marcia and 9 other retirement and financial gurus about their financial resolutions for the New Year. Read the full article in the StarTribune> more

10 Things We’ve Learned on our “Next 10 Adventure”

 Eighteen months ago, Dan and I took a big (and some would say “crazy”) leap by moving from the house where we raised our girls to “the country”.  Okay, it’s really just down the highway a bit to Hanover, MA, and not to Oklahoma! We managed to start downsizing (a “limited downsizing”), bought a fixer-upper, […] more

Headline: What To Do If You’re Looking At Early Retirement

In this guest contributor article for TheStreet.com, Marcia interviewed two women in their early 50s who faced the decision whether to “retire” when offered an early exit package.  How did they decide what to do?  Read the full article on TheStreet.com>   more

Thanksgiving Parade Surprise: Baby Boomer Drum & Bugle Corps Members!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved going to a parade.  It doesn’t really matter if it’s a small town parade or a fancy one with all kinds of floats and fanfare.  It can be a 4th of July parade, a homecoming parade, or an Easter parade.  The crown jewel of parades is, of course, […] more

Retirement Doesn’t Have to Be Fancy. “I Just Want Some Victuals on the Table.”

Working for 45 years is a big deal.  That’s a lot of years in the rear view mirror. By age 60, working people are often tired; by 65 they are downright exhausted.  It’s especially hard for people who have spent those 45 years on their feet.  Martha is one such person, a delightful woman who […] more

Protect Your Social Security Number: Four Important Tips

Freezing Your Credit Does Not Protect Your Social Security Number In light of breaches at major credit reporting agencies and at many places we shop, it’s extremely important to note that freezing your credit account and taking extra steps to monitor credit history do nothing to protect your Social Security number. Your Social Security Number […] more

The Best Kept Secret in Town: Your Local Council on Aging (aka Senior Centers)

Did you know that September is Senior Center month all across America? Did you know that your local Council on Aging is part of a Federal program to provide important services to those 60 and older in your community? Did you know that over 80% of the users of Senior Centers are women, and in […] more

Headline: The Best Kept Secret in Town: Your Local Council on Aging (aka Senior Centers)

Featured in Retirement Weekly, a MarketWatch premium newsletter published by Dow Jones & Co, Marcia explores the wide-range of offerings for seniors in local communities’ Councils on Aging.  Read the full article on Marcia’s blog:  Boomer Retirement Briefs> more

Risky Recipes: Trying to Time the Market Food for Thought from Marcia’s Retirement Kitchen

After a presentation about getting ready to retire and how to create income throughout retirement a gentleman raised his hand and asked the following, “The market just hit an all-time high again today.  How much longer will the rise continue and when will the next recession hit?  When should I adjust my portfolio, especially since […] more

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