Social Security: Freezing Your Credit Does Not Protect Your Social Security Account

 In light of the recent breach at Equifax, one of the nation’s three major credit reporting agencies, as well as the ongoing breaches at most every place we shop, consumers have been advised to place a credit freeze on their account or take extra steps to protect and monitor their credit history.  It’s extremely important […] more

The Best Kept Secret in Town: Your Local Council on Aging (aka Senior Centers)

Did you know that September is Senior Center month all across America? Did you know that your local Council on Aging is part of a Federal program to provide important services to those 60 and older in your community? Did you know that over 80% of the users of Senior Centers are women, and in […] more

Headline: The Best Kept Secret in Town: Your Local Council on Aging (aka Senior Centers)

Featured in Retirement Weekly, a MarketWatch premium newsletter published by Dow Jones & Co, Marcia explores the wide-range of offerings for seniors in local communities’ Councils on Aging.  Read the full article on Marcia’s blog:  Boomer Retirement Briefs> more

Risky Recipes: Trying to Time the Market Food for Thought from Marcia’s Retirement Kitchen

After a presentation about getting ready to retire and how to create income throughout retirement a gentleman raised his hand and asked the following, “The market just hit an all-time high again today.  How much longer will the rise continue and when will the next recession hit?  When should I adjust my portfolio, especially since […] more

Overcoming “Ladies’ Liabilities” in Retirement Planning

For many women, planning for the financial side of retirement falls to the very bottom of their priority list.  Not even ironing or cleaning up after a big Thanksgiving dinner is lower on the list.  But ignoring the realities of planning for retirement doesn’t make the problem go away, and can often make it so […] more

“I’m Not Making Dinner…I’m Looking For Polar Bears!”

One of the fun things about traveling is that you meet such interesting people who are doing fun things in retirement.  While in Tennessee, I by chance went to one of the trendier restaurants, etc.  The chef is a regional gastronomic guru and she has a loyal following.  Her larger restaurant, Etch, is a culinary […] more

Headline: Overcoming “Ladies’Liabilities” in Retirement Planning

Highlighted in a June 2017 edition of Retirement Weekly, a MarketWatch premium newsletter published by Dow Jones & Co, Marcia offers advice to women about getting more involved in their finances.  Read the full article on Marcia’s Blog Boomer Retirement Briefs> more

Headline: A Hidden IRA Benefit Most Advisors Miss

Advising women to open IRAs can help them secure their retirement, save even more, and have an ownership stake in their own financial future Marcia tells ThinkAdvisor’s contributing editor, Jane Wollman Rusoff. Read the full article on> more

Women Make History for Women’s Retirement Security

It wasn’t all that long ago that women who stayed home to raise their children could not save for retirement.  By law.  IRAs were originally set up to offer an additional savings option for workers.  Moms and homemakers simply weren’t considered “workers”. In a small way, I wanted to pay tribute to a few of […] more

April is National “Everything Financial” Month

Have you noticed how every month is a National “something” month, and how every day has become a national “something else” day?  The goal is a good one, bringing awareness to a broad group of people and breaking through the clutter of too much of everything.  Other times, these national <fill in the blank> days […] more

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